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Here is a snapshot of what we've been up to recently:

Biometric vehicle access systems tipped to almost double by 2021

December 2016

The biometric vehicle access systems global market is predicted to almost double by 2021, according to new research, which highlights the increasing reliance of the security sector on biometrics.

Intel Security identifies main 2017 cyber threats in new report

November 2016

Intel Security has highlighted the main cyber threats it predicts will affect businesses and consumers across the world in 2017.

Behavioural biometrics security system trialled by UK bank

November 2016

A ‘behavioural biometrics’ system aimed at providing constant authentication for the duration of an online banking session, has been trialled by UK bank Natwest.

Ploughshare at the UK Security Expo 2016

November 2016

We’re inviting you to join us as we showcase some exciting new innovations, share our technology licensing opportunities and our insights at the UK Security Expo 2016 next week.

Tesco Bank falls victim to cyber crime totalling £2.5 million

November 2016

One of the UK’s major supermarket-owned banks has fallen victim to a cybercrime which saw it stripped of £2.5 million from across 9,000 customer accounts.

France announces plans for centralised biometric database

November 2016

Plans have been announced in France to compile one unified database which will comprise the biometric data taken from the passports and identity cards of 60 million citizens.

UK Chancellor urges retaliation against cyber attacks

November 2016

Chancellor Philip Hammond has urged the UK to be prepared to ‘retaliate in kind’ to any cyber attacks that come its way.

Mastercard rolls out biometric authentication app

October 2016

Mastercard has confirmed the European launch of its new biometric authentication app, Identity Check Mobile, which allows users to make payments safely and securely using biometrics to verify their identity.

Typing while Skyping ‘security risk’

October 2016

Do your employees type while they Skype? Watch out - people might be able to figure out what they’re jotting down.

G7 issues cyber security guidelines aimed at protecting financial sector

October 2016

The Group of Seven (G7) industrial powers have agreed on guidelines aimed at protecting the global financial sector from cyber attacks. It comes after a series of attacks over recent months by cross-border cyber criminals at the cost of millions.

IT decision makers unprepared for cyber attacks, survey finds

October 2016

Leading IT decision makers have admitted they are not fully prepared for a cyber attack should it happen. According to a new study entitled ‘Taking the Offensive: Working Together to Disrupt Digital Crime’ led by KPMG and BT Group, just 22 per cent of directors responsible for the IT said they would be ready to see off an attack.

Enterprise IT systems ‘less secure’ than ten years ago, ransomware attacks on the rise

September 2016

Enterprise IT systems are less secure now than the sector was ten years ago, despite billions being spent on cybersecurity. That’s according to Art Coviello, venture partner speaking at the first Structure Security conference in San Francisco.

MOD and ASV Global sign licence agreement for unmanned surface vehicle software

September 2016

The Ministry of Defence, through Ploughshare Innovations, the technology transfer arm of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has signed a licence agreement with ASV Global allowing for the use of its Advanced Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Capability technology.

Two thirds of British consumers ‘want’ biometrics to be used in payment authentication

September 2016

Over two-thirds of British consumers feel that biometrics should be used to authenticate their payments according to a survey carried out by Visa.

Brainwaves identify people within 100 per cent accuracy, study finds

September 2016

Identifying people via fingerprints and eyes have become commonplace in the consumer market. Now a new method could be used using brainwaves to identify people and so far, a new study has found that it can identify people with 100 per cent accuracy.

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